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These Corvettes can vary widely in cost depending on what the actual failure is. Starting out, the standard repair costs $155. This repair takes care of about 85% of the clusters we see. This repair includes going over the cluster & performing the standard power & logic system repair, replacing all the illumination bulbs, a full function test, & cleaning the unit up. From time to time we do see problems where we have to repalce the main power supply unit itself. It doesn't happen very often but the units are expensive. We do keep a couple of these in stock and they cost an additional $300. Generally we only see these fail in 10% of the clusters we repair.

The next part of the service we offer involves the 3 LCD display panels that you would actually look at setting in the vehicle (tach, speed, fuel). If the vehicle has been in the sun alot over the years thses LCD's can become "sun bleached". Instead of being dark or black across the display, it loses color & starts becoming clear. When this happens the readouts on the display gets harder & harder to see until they finally get indiscernible. If you only have one display in this condition it can be repaired for $65. If there are multiple displays bad or you choose to do all 3 the cost is $155.

Occasionally we get these units in where the LCD"S have been physically damaged, cracked, or broken during removal from the vehicle, in shipping, ect. In the event that we have to actually replace an LCD they can be ordered & are $150.

You can get your cluster to us one of two ways. You are more than welcome to bring the cluster to us & drop it off. If you would like us to remove the cluster from the vehicle we can do that for you. Our hourly labor rate is $65. Typically it takes about an hour to remove one of these from the vehicle. The second option would be for you to ship the cluster to us. If you choose to ship the cluster, please include our service order form, filled out, in the box. Also if shipping, be sure to wrap the cluster generously in bubble wrap or packaging paper (please no do not use peanuts or shredded paper) & use a large box enough to accomodate some extra packing around the unit to keep it from shifting or getting damaged inside the box during shipping.

Corvette - 1984-1989 Rebuild - $155
Corvette - 1984-1989 Main Power Supply - $300
Corvette - 1984-1989